16 Feb 2024

Finding Life After Death

The Message Trust Announces Cape Town, South Africa Tour for Tim Tucker’s New Book ‘Finding Life After Death: A Biblical Survivor’s Guide’.

Tim Tucker, is set to release his latest book, Finding Life After Death: A Biblical Survivor’s Guide, in Cape Town. With a deep exploration of scripture and personal experiences of grief, Tim addresses the often-overlooked topic of death within the Christian community.

Death, an inevitable part of life, remains a taboo topic for many. Tim Tucker draws on his personal experiences of grief and an in-depth exploration of scripture to offer a hope-filled perspective on loss. Through the biblical themes of perspective, pain, and purpose, Finding Life After Death provides an honest and deeply practical journey to help readers discover how God’s gift of life continues beyond death.

Embrace Hope and Navigate Finding Life After Death: A Biblical Survivor’s Guide with Tim Tucker’s New Book

Andy Hawthorne (OBE), The Message Trust Founder and Global CEO says, “I know my friend Tim Tucker’s previous book Grief and Grace has been a help and encouragement to many. Similarly, I’m sure this precious book, birthed from the fire of deep grief and pain and yet being able to come out the other side refined, stronger, and more able to help others, will be greatly used.”

Luxolo Kentane, Alpha South Africa Director, praises Tim’s approach, stating, “Death is a difficult topic to speak about. But Tim does so with theological richness and with a pastoral posture. This book will give handles on how to navigate the rough waters of grief and death.”

Book Tour Information:

Tim Tucker will embark on a Cape Town tour to promote Finding Life After Death: A Biblical Survivor’s Guide. The tour will include insightful discussions, combining the book launch events with live music by ChrissyT (herself releasing a new EP). Sharing our life experiences, we trust to connect with our guests deeply and provide encouragement to remain faithful to God through all of life’s circumstances.

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