One of our enterprises at The Message Trust (The Soft Machine) were recently invited to a workshop held  at Christel House High School in Cape Town. This invite was one which carved a significantexperience not  only for business but for the students as they were given skills in building and running a successfulfood truck business.

FutureMe is a holistic, technology-enabled programme aimed at assisting high school learners to be work-ready when they leave school. The purpose of FutureMe is to assist young people in becoming more self-aware and confident; more aware and knowledgeable about subject, study and career choices and employment opportunities; and more prepared for, and effective in the working world.  In this way, FutureMe intends to act as a bridge between youth and the working world.  We are really passionate about addressing the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa, as well as the skills gaps in the working world

We were there to share about The Soft Machine and the work we do as well as how these learners could empower themselves if they chose to take the path of running a food truck. The power in it all was the hunger for success we saw in the eyes of the young people at Christel House High school.

The most important part of the day was when MT shared his story with the students, many who are impacted daily by the negative cycle of gangsterism, crime and poverty. One of the grade 7 students said: “mam, just yesterday 6 of my friends became gangsters and now they want me to join too.” MT shared the realities of joining a gang and how this set him back for 13 years of his life. The students were eager to know how they can make a difference and where they could find help. 

As we left Christel House High on the day we knew there is hope for our future and it lies in the hands of the young people in our country and it’s our duty to empower our youngsters and support their dreams. It’s the least we can do, but what’s more important is for any young person to know that you care.

People don’t care about how much you know, they want to know how much you care

— Stephen R Covey