We all know that gangsterism is a huge problem in South Africa, as youths fall prey to these dangerous law breakers. One can’t help but ask himself “when will all the killing end”? 

Well we might have the answer, yet we want to tell you about Steve Sam a young man who joined the gangs at a very young age. Growing up Steve had the support of both his parents, yet the appeal of the flashy life gangs seemed to have  was attractive to him. 

Not knowing what he was getting himself into Steve became active in the gang life, looting shooting and doing all kinds of illegal stuff. At the tender age of 16 Steve ended up in prison that was in 2003. 

Life in prison for Steve wasn’t easy as he lost both his parents while serving his 22 year sentence. Involved in the gangs still in prison, Steve realized that the life he lived led only to two things, either you die or end up in prison.

An unexpected thing happened in Steve’s life when everything changed. In his room the gangs were ruling but one nighttwo new converts held church for the first time in Drakenstein.  As he lay on his bed there was a battle within his heart as he listened to his two roommates hold church in the cell he was in. It was not easy being a high rank in a gang, but he heard a still quiet voice speaking to him and urging him to go and join the church finally he stood up from his bed and joined the church praising and worshipping God for his goodness.

Ever since that day he gave his heart to the Lord and became one of the church leaders in prison.  In that time God spoke to him about the state of our gang infested communities and joined the Message Enterprise Program , where he met up with like-minded people to do a gang awareness curriculum. 

Last year  we saw Steve been released after 14 years of prison. He returns with an idea that can change lives and decrease the gang activity in Cape Town. We are glad to see what God has  for this young man. As his passion for the youith takes him to schools where he will work with our “mission in scools team”.