Made For More

Last week, KineticIV (KIV) in conjunction with Lighthouse Church, were involved in a Schools Week in and around the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Schools Week is something we offer through our Message in Schools Programme where our band, KIV, visits multiple schools throughout the week sharing music, stories, and hyping up a big end of the week concert. The goal of the concert is to encourage young people, share testimonies, and share the gospel! Our vision is to always do this in partnership with a local church, so the youth are linked to people who can continue walking with them in their journeys through discipling and investing in them. 

You guys are all such blessings…you all were fantastic these last few weeks.

— Ricky Schroeder, Super Rugby player

As much as we don’t physically see it, a lot of young guys and girls come from broken or fatherless homes and are crying out for someone to be there for them. It was amazing to see so many of them on Friday night crying out for God to intervene in their situations and heal their homes.

— Jabulani Majola, KIV member

From the 25-29 of September, KIV visited Ravensmead High, HTS High, and Sarepta High and promoted their “Made for More” concert on Friday night hosted at Lighthouse Church in Parow. A local artist, Alexandra May, opened the concert. KIV member, Jabulani, shared a spoken word followed by an electrifying performance from KIV. Afterwards, Lighthouse’s youth band, Fired Up, lead praise and worship and our very own Preston Jongbloed shared The Word. Nearly 300 young people attended the concert and about 10 of them made first-time decisions to follow Christ!

This partnership has been a big honour for us, since in the past, we have found it difficult to get involved in the Northern Suburbs. We are excited for these relationships to grow and are expectant to see God use us to help churches reach more young people in and around the area in the future.

Thank you all for an absolutely fantastic evening. We appreciate the relationship we have with you all. Looking forward to future social connections!

— Pastor Nigel, Lighthouse Church