Meet Nathan Hans!

At The Message we are committed to seeing young people flourish in every area of their lives. It gives us great joy to welcome Nathan Hans to our team! Nathan will be working in our Soft Machine business at Gangstar Enterprises. He will be responsible for driving our ice-cream food truck and serving at events. We met Nathan through our Eden Salt River team’s relationship with Beth Uriel Home for young men in Observatory, where Nathan stays.

Get to know Nathan below in this short interview with our Operations Director Mark Slessenger.

Mark: Welcome Nathan to The Message Trust! Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Nathan: Hi Mark, my name is Nathan Hans and I am the last born of six children. I was born and raised in Seawinds which is on the Cape Flats in Lavender Hill. I attended Steenberg primary school and Crestway high school in Retreat. I regard myself to be honest and hardworking and I adapt well to new environments. I love playing soccer and enjoy all kinds of sports.

Mark: That’s great! At The Message we have four values which are passion, church, innovation & community. Tell us what you passionate about?

Nathan: I am passionate about various things which range from sports, work, and my studies. I am also passionate about helping where I can and inspiring people around me. 

Mark: It’s great to hear your passion for these things. Can you tell us a bit about the church you belong to?

Nathan: I have been attending Jubilee Community Church for around four years and I really like it there. I grew up in an Anglican church but I have enjoyed Jubilee and the way they worship as a community.

Mark: You mentioned above that you are from Seawinds, in Lavender Hill what does community mean to you? 

Nathan: Community means to be connected, to unite, and be in a family like environment with your neighbours, this is what I long for in Seawinds.

Mark: We are so happy you are with The Message Trust and joining our Soft Machine team. What was it that specifically attracted you to join The Message?

Nathan: What attracted me to the message was all the ways they reconnect people back into community. Also I love the way The Message are providing unemployed youth in South Africa with opportunities to develop skills whilst learning and receiving a salary for their efforts.

Mark: It’s great to see a young person like you focusing on positive things. If you could say one thing to the youth of South Africa what would you say?

Nathan: I would encourage all young people to focus on their potential instead of the limitations that they face. This is what I am trying to do in my own personal life.