KIV – UK Tour – Time to go HIGHER!

On Friday 4th March, KineticIV departed the shores of Cape Town to participate in The Higher tour hosted by The Message UK. 19 hours of flying time later, we finally arrived in an icy Manchester, to a warm welcome by Tim Owen, who had waited patiently while Border Control cross questioned us for 2 hours!

Our first gig took place on Sunday 6 March at the Lighthouse Church in Trafford as guests of Paul Hallam. We performed to about 150 people who so enjoyed our performance that we were asked to perform an encore at the end of the service. KineticIV was then invited to do a video interview (documentary) for a college that attended the service

On Monday 7 March, we had an early start as we headed out to our first school, namely Kingsway School. This was the very same school that Nick Shalavi from Vital Signs (one of our Message UK bands) had attended and from which he got suspended! The first day was quite a “culture shock”: we had all the kids stand and join in the performance, but the moment we started ALL the students sat down again. We quickly learnt that we needed to amend our approach, so it was back to the drawing board. With Tim’s guidance we developed a new formula which proved successful with the remainder of the schools we visited. The schools we visited and our other activities for the rest of our stay included:  

8 March 2016

Hindley High: together with Twelve24 we performed to around 500 kids.

9 March 2016

Kingsway School (again); the afternoon was spent at The Message offices helping out at Genetik sessions.

10 March 2016

Kingsway School (3rd time!), this time to 200 kids; later we had studio time at The Message office, before an evening performance at Thursday Night Live.

11 March 2016

Spent the day in studio, followed by the evening on the Eden Bus

16 March 2016

Ramillies, a special needs Private school; we did a dance workshop and mini performance.

18 March 2016

Manchester Grammar, our final school performance.

The team were really blessed by their visit to Ramillies where Mr Colin Richards was our contact. The kids welcomed the training workshop and the performance was also a hit. The teachers were amazed to see how 2 learners in particular reacted to the music. One of the boys had severe autism and the other suffered from cerebral palsy. The teacher told us that the boy suffering from autism had run out of the hall the last time they had a music act, while the boy with cerebral palsy only ever moved when he walked to his classes. Both boys were on their feet dancing and screaming “We are enjoying this”. The teacher was really blown away by this, to the extent that he called his colleagues and kitchen staff to witness the miracle as it unfolded.

The Higher Tour took place between 16 and 20 March 2015 and was hosted at the 02 Apollo. Over the four days we performed to approximately 5,000 young people. The highlight of the tour was Friday evening where we experienced the Apollo packed to capacity. We witnessed about 1500 people respond to the Gospel that week, even an 83 year old lady. YES, 83!!!!

Shaun Pretorius (The Message, Cape Town)