A Missionary Perspective: Naomi Plant

I remember my first day in South Africa; I took a step off the plane, felt the hot air against my skin and took a deep breath in. I had visited South Africa twice before and felt led to join the already incredible team spearheading the work of The Message Trust in Cape Town. My purpose of joining  the team in South Africa was to develop an international project called Respect ME. Respect ME is a schools based programme used to equip and encourage young people to make good decisions in the area of self-esteem and sex education. Since I started developing this programme, I have had many opportunities to interact and deliver Respect ME to people from schools, youth groups, children’s homes, NGO’s, and even in prison!

I love that Cape Town is a powerful hub of mission with so many different nationalities, denominations and people that are fused together by a deep desire to see the city transformed. There are so many incredible organisations and groups of people that are fighting for a beautiful, powerful, and peaceful South Africa. I love the culture, diversity and the amount of people that are fighting for this country. Fighting for community. Fighting for peace. There is a beautiful verse in the book of Habakkuk (1:5) that says “look at the nations, watch and be amazed, for I am doing a work in your day that you would not believe even if you were told.” For me this sums up the work doing in South Africa, so many different, incredible people doing amazing work for the kingdom of God.