MEP Graduation ceremony, 2016

Drakenstein Corrections Facility (DCS) was abuzz this past weekend as we came to the end of yet another fruitful year of the Message Enterprise program (MEP). The day had finally dawned for our students to be honored for all the hard work they put in throughout the year. This experience was momentous, as most of us had never worn an academic gown before, or even obtained any kind of qualification. It was so moving to see the excitement on the faces of the 1st year students as they were adorned with their gowns and handed their certificates. What was particularly poignant was that our families were invited to share in this special day, to witness their sons standing proudly in front of everyone, and be recognized for something so significant. Emotions were running high and joy was written on their faces as they saw their sons coming out in gowns……an amazing experience!

This reminded us why we do what we do. Seeing the smiles and the hope revived in the hearts of the parents was so fulfilling that words fail to adequately describe the impact it must have had on them. We are confident that the lives of these young men will never be the same again. The future looks promising and the world is full of opportunities for them.  

In MEP these men are not only taught entrepreneurial skills. They are also equipped to become servant leaders in society, thus enabling them to return to their communities and become change agents and positive role models to their peers. This also helps prepare them for the working environment, and it is a real privilege to witness the change in these men. It energises and empowers us to do more; however, without you, none of what we hope to achieve will be possible.

We want to also take a moment to thank DCS for partnering with us, as well as all our contributors and supporters. Your support has helped save a young man’s life from a threatening lifestyle.

Written by: Siseko Ngwayishe

Edited By: David Tucker