The Message Trust’s new Reintegration Programme held a ‘Speak Out’ event on the 8th of December, where several of the young men in the programme presented eye-opening and challenging speeches.

Coming to Speak Out gives you a new perspective on life. It was truly a motivational and humbling experience.

— Vickus Horne

When these guys first entered the programme in September, a majority of them were unable to write a speech. They struggled to express themselves, write grammatically, and find the confidence to speak in front of even a handful of people. With the help from some of our team members, they learned the ins-and-outs of public speaking. Afterwards, they were given the opportunity to write their own speeches to be presented to the community. 

The speeches delivered at Speak Out were a testament to how the Reintegration Programme has quickly grown these men and given them the confidence to speak out. Their stories were challenging as we heard about the struggles of violence, gangsterism, crime, and the impact of having such a fatherless nation.

The power of choice determines where you end up in life.

I did not choose the condition I was born in to, but I do have the responsibility to choose to change my life.

These young men (and so many others) have powerful stories to share and it’s time that we, as a nation, start listening. We are excited for more Speak Out events to happen in the future. Don’t miss out on the next one – the impact of their words is something no person should go without experiencing!

I think it was eye-opening to the society to hear ex-offenders share their stories in a unique way. The emotion in their stories could be seen in the eyes of the people listening.

— Steve – The Message Trust