18 Nov 2022

New Soccer Kits For Nyanga Players

LegalWise has been a committed Message SA partner for a number of years and has been supporting the Community Transformation department since 2021. This has been an amazing partnership through which we are seeing many positive developments – specifically in support of our Community Hubs. In 2022, one highlight has been the support they provided our Community Hub in Nyanga.

“Over the last 7/8 years LegalWise and the Message Trust have enjoyed a very rewarding partnership and we can’t wait to be part of many more initiatives in the future and we hope these kits help you to score many more goals.”

Robyn Kleintjes, Service Centre Manager, Cape Town 

The Nyanga community hub has been working with Phuhla Football Club, a local soccer club in Nyanga, for more than 5 years. The partnership has been a critical part of our strategy to provide a safe environment for young people to flourish. Indeed our current Nyanga hub leader, Xhanti Petshwa, was first identified as an emerging leader while he was still a teenager at the club. 

Due to a generous donation from LegalWise, the various age groups in Phuhla FC received their first full set of soccer kits. The Creative Mission team from The Message SA designed a logo and badge for the club.  The handover took place at a special event in Nyanga that included members of the local LegalWise branches.  

Over the past few years, the players in the club have shown their character and tenacity, playing in various big tournaments across Cape Town in borrowed kits,  even though these kits were a mix-match of different names and colours. The appreciation was visible on the faces of the young people and the response from the founder and Head Coach, Ta Mncedisi, was that he never thought this could happen to a small club in Nyanga.  

The donation has also enabled the team to throw away the old shoe innersoles they have been using at tournaments as they now have proper shin guards. Part of the donation has also been used to cover the travelling cost for the team’s participation in the Bayview tournament.  

It was amazing to witness the team’s excitement when they received their soccer kits. This gesture has helped the team grow in confidence and feel immense pride as they represent their club, the Message Hub, and the Nyanga community in tournaments across the city.  

This would not have been possible without the amazing support from LegalWise.