Leadership Team

Shaun Pretorius

Chief Executive Officer

Naomi Engelbrecht

Chief Operations Officer

Operations and Training Team

Bev Meldrum

Office Manager

Linda Nzala

Cleaning Staff

Carlyle Adriaans

Message Academy Assistant Course Leader

Nicole Marthinus

Operations & Training Assistant

Creative Mission

Christina Tucker

Head of Creative Mission

Alicia Vanderpoll

Higher and Creative Mission Administrator

Gilead Engelbrecht

Genetik Session Coordinator and KineticIV

Taryn Torien

Respect ME Coordinator and KineticIV

Prisons And Enterprise

Ingrid Kalie-Moses

Head of Prisons and Enterprise

Lungiswa Sidukwana

Gangstar Café Supervisor In Mowbray

Rodney Moses

Gangstar Operations Coordinator

Sinawo Bingwa

Gangstar Café Supervisor- N1 City

Venessa Padayachee

Life Coach

Community Transformation

Enrico Vanderpoll

Head of Community Transformation

Xhanti Petshwa

Nyanga Hub Leader

Derrick LaMeyer

Facilities Manager

Candice Lovelot

Parkwood Hub Coordinator