14 May 2024

Introducing ‘Just Breathe’

In the vibrant landscape of music, some artists move past entertainment to become beacons of hope and inspiration. Chrissy T, formerly of the band Twelve24, stands as an artist whose passion for uplifting and inspiring others shines through her music.

With history in writing and performing, Chrissy T’s journey in music has been marked by a love for the arts and a desire to impact lives positively. Beyond her music, she has dedicated herself to teaching and training others in performance styles and vocal skills and serving as a worship leader for over 18 years.

At the core of Chrissy T’s music is a profound desire to uplift and inspire, particularly young people. Her latest EP, “Just Breathe,” is a testament to this mission, offering a collection of songs crafted to resonate with listeners and instil confidence in their identity and purpose. Each track is a heartfelt expression of Chrissy T’s unwavering faith and commitment to empowering others to embrace who they were created to be.

One listener shared their feedback on Chrissy T’s music, expressing how each song resonated with different experiences in their life and taught them to be confident in their God-given identity. The song “Hold Your Crown” is a favourite and captures the message of empowerment that runs throughout ChrissyT’s music.

As Chrissy T’s music continues to reach hearts and minds across Cape Town and beyond, we invite you to join the conversation. Share your feedback, thoughts, and experiences with Chrissy T’s music by reaching out via email or connecting on social media.

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